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Fare Ride provides transportation services for all of your daily travel needs. We have licensed chauffeurs and inspected vehicles to carry clients to their desired destinations safely. If you’re planning on going out to the local grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant, casino, live sporting event, tourist attraction, canoe trip, museum, nightclub, friend’s house, hotel or to the airport for a flight through the skies, come ride with us today to enjoy some comfort and relaxation while on your journey. With our company and primary coverage area located within the wonderful city limits of Ann Arbor, a city consecutively ranked as one of the best cities to reside in, we enjoy a thriving community that is constantly changing amidst university living. Both taxi and limousine style transport methods are the two most effective ways to move around town. Our ride services can easily assist with the travel demands of locals, sports fans, students, corporate executives, medical practitioners, employees, tourists, and other metropolitan lifestyles currently abundant in a tech savvy world. To keep up with constant changes with technology our fleet has progressed from the traditional style of large fuel gulping automobiles to a greener fleet which is flex fuel capable and equipped with more eco-friendly emissions systems that are better for the planet. At Fare Ride, “going green” and caring for the earth is important to us, as a company we try as much as we can to support this idea and good cause. For estimates, quotes and reservations, give us a call today at 734-845-9222 and schedule a date for your ride with us in one of our clean, comfortable and roomy sedans. Be sure to mention seeing this advertisement on to receive a 10% discount from us on your first local taxi fare or any standard priced airport ride. Our team has many years of experience in the transport industry and we strive to keep our customers satisfied here at Fare Ride. Maintaining premium quality service is our commitment and professional business practices will always be our standard. 

We hope to see you riding with us soon!


Jack C.

734-845-9222 Fare Ride​ Dispatcher

Director of Transport Operations:

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