Ms. Sanders – “Awesome group of chauffeurs here. Glad to have a dependable company and nice staff around to provide an amazing transportation service. Paying a few extra bucks is so worth it. I’m going to go with the company that can provide a reliable and safe vehicle each time and this group has a proven track record for me. I’ve used them for over 3 years and ride often, each time was undoubtedly more than satisfactory.”

Mr. Diz – “Great Professional service. Took me to the airport and back to my room promptly. Nice cars to choose from. Give them a try!”

Mr. AJ Kheyrann – “My experience with this company was very pleasant, having a clean private car with door to door service to the airport has been more effective and time conserving for me. I must note, the chauffeur driver was well dressed, super nice and personable, and also helpful with my baggage. I’m often on a very tight schedule and mostly travelling alone so standing outside to wait for a shuttle bus isn’t for me, I’ve had bad experiences before as sometimes people bother you at the bus stop or train area (can be cold or dark outside also) and you need to make room for more travel time in your schedule with shuttles to make sure not to miss out on your boarding time. Calling a cab or sedan service may cost more than public transit but it’s flexible and truly has it’s perks, guess you get what you pay for. I’d rather be safe and on time than late sorry any day. I’d definitely choose AA Taxi & Airport Car Services again!”

Mr. Wally Huntington – “Had a good experience with their ride service. The cars were clean and new. They provided me with a Roundtrip special package to and from Detroit Airport. Everything went as planned and really smooth.”