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For transport to/from DTW Airport call: Ann Arbor Fare Ride @ 734-845-9222

Mcnamara Terminal – Airlines

Delta Air Lines

McNamara Terminal

Reservation Number:(800) 221-1212

Baggage Service Number:(800) 325-8224

Air France

McNamara Terminal

Reservation Number:(800) 237-2747

Baggage Service Number:(800) 325-8224


McNamara Terminal

Reservation Number: (800) 237-6639

North Terminal – Airlines

United Airlines

North Terminal

Reservation Number:800-united-1

Baggage Service Number:(734) 942-4033

WOW air

North Terminal

Reservation Number:(888) 209-3170

Royal Jordanian Airlines

North Terminal

Reservation   Number:(212) 949-0050

Baggage Service Number:(734) 942-3500

Southwest Airlines

North Terminal

Reservation Number:(800) 435-9792

Baggage Service Number:(734) 784-2430

Spirit Airlines

North Terminal

Reservation Number:(801) 401-2200

Baggage Service Number:(248) 727-2644


North Terminal

Reservation Number:(800) 645-3880

Baggage Service Number:(800) 645-3880


North Terminal

Reservation Number:(800) 538-2583

Baggage Service Number:(800) 538-2583

Frontier Airlines

North Terminal

Reservation Number:(801) 401-9000

Baggage Service Number:(734) 941-9812

Air Canada

North Terminal

Reservation Number:(888) 247-2262

American Airlines

North Terminal

Number:(800) 433-7300

Baggage Service Number:(734) 840-9101

Alaska Airlines

North Terminal

 Number:(800) 252-7522

Baggage Service Number:(734) 229-1243


Rides are available to or from Detroit Metro Airport to Ann Arbor or any city daily. Call us to book your Fare Ride today @ 734-845-9222.