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Taxi & Limo Businesses vs. Rideshare


Many people assume a rideshare service is the same as or similar to both taxi and limousine services but in essence, its origin is quite different. Rideshare platforms tried to modernize the taxi and passenger driving businesses by making them look less like such things. They also tried bypassing traditional chauffeur standards and hands-on methods of direct fleet management.

The Rideshare idea wouldn’t have had much of a chance at success without having the advantage of Developers of modern mobile phone application technology. These developers helped investors bypass certain aspects of state law in order to make taxi style transportation more covert and quickly accessible. This same scheme came with great risk and elements of danger for the public at large because it was rapidly employing millions of people around the world. Many of these same people would have never been qualified to drive for a taxi or limousine business. Thousands of crimes have occurred to date at minimum as a result of the rise of poorly controlled ridesharing.

These investors focused on supplying rides for a global market and not just the small service areas of the typical locally owned taxi or limo services operations. Many taxi businesses and nearly all limousine companies require chauffeur training, drug screening, previous driving experience and minimum age requirements. Additionally, certain vehicles are often the preferred model type for the taxi and limousine industry.

Does Rideshare Have Any Common Sense?

The rideshare models lowered driver age requirements and worked around the legal standard of commercial insurance requirements for their drivers. They also didn’t require much previous experience to become a driver. Rideshare services attempted to make us accept how they’re just a technology based software business focused on helping people share rides. It’s safe to assume that’s obviously an absurd notion. It’s likely 85% of the full-time or freelance rideshare drivers aren’t intentionally traveling in the same direction as they’re paying passengers.

Rideshare chose to expand their reach, and attempt an almost unreal approach. They offered any common individual or any person above a certain age with a specific standard vehicle had an opportunity to work with very little oversight (almost independently) or experience in communities worldwide. This sounds like a great thing but we all know that common sense will prevail. When has there ever been such a large group of workers without a manager or supervisor having direct oversight? When an experienced boss or owner isn’t around to check on the business much can go wrong and often does.

Someone with expert knowledge of business operations and customer relationships should keep a close watch on how business is handled. Having a supervisor provides a sense of security for everyone involved in a transaction. If someone is having a bad day the supervisor should notice and give a warning or send someone home for the day. This new form of fast employment or gig worker (gig economy) occupation is something pretty much unheard of until now.

Taxis Keeping It Deep Local

Most taxi and limousine companies worked out of a local company garage and had rules for chauffeurs to follow. The dispatchers or management staff would investigate customer complaints and ask chauffeurs questions about unethical behavior. They even had to be drug tested randomly or if anything looked suspicious because safety is a top priority for any responsible business. Rideshare platforms don’t have much of these direct safeguards in place. Almost all rideshare platforms have waivers to be acknowledged or signed by users warning them because of the potential dangers associated with using their platforms. Isn’t that scary enough?

We highly recommend using your local taxi or limo service and we encourage it because we believe it’s better for the community as a whole in the long run. Ann Arbor Fare Ride Taxi & Limo
Service believes in deep rooted locally oriented services. Home is where the heart is and our staff of drivers and managers will always have our heart focused on home. If you wish to know more about rideshare and the problems surrounding this service please read an article provided by the Detroit Free Press about why 2 Ann Arbor drivers filed a lawsuit against Uber, a Rideshare company.

Call Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars @ 734-845-9222

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Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars


Do you support local businesses? Supporting local taxi services is a great way to assure the future availability of critical transport resources for everyone in town. Also, local business operations typically keep their income right in their community and spend it back.

Ann Arbor is truly a wonderful place to live and continues to be at the top of the list for university campuses in the United States. Many people often need rides at any moment and you might be in a situation one day where an urgent ride is necessary. This could be early in the morning, during rush hour, for a ride to Detroit Metro Airport or even late at night when your car won’t start or even after having a good time.

Why worry about a car in a walking and cycling town? Taxis are the best option for anyone in the local community to find assistance quickly. We’re ready to come and pick you up in a jam or for running important errands. Additionally, our company offers first-class luxury limousine services for private events, business travel arrangements, concerts, weddings, special occasions and nights out on the town.

Our community is vibrant and steady growing after the completion of new residential developments and there’s still more new housing to come in the future. We’re very happy to be here for you and proud to be the transportation service that you can count on every day. Rely on Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars because we have over 10 years of taxi service experience in this area and a very reliable track record for being available when you need an important ride so no need to second guess that. Call us anytime! Go Blue!


Ann Arbor Cab Services Blog Posts Business Travel DTW Airport Cab Service LIMO Music & Entertainment Prom Limo Service Special Event Limo Services Taxi Service The University of Michigan Washtenaw County Wedding Limo

Rides Available From Detroit Metro Airport & Gerald R. Ford International Airport


Where or when you land, it doesn’t matter to us. We’re happy to be on standby for you when you choose a dedicated team of drivers like you’ll find at Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Car Services.

Our company specializes in taking reservations for scheduling at any time of the day and we also do meet and greet at the baggage claim area by request because that’s what truly makes it an experience of door-to-door service.

Our team has experienced local cab trips, rush hour taxi transfers, leisure/night-out transfers, group shuttle transfers, charter limo services, special event transfers, weddings and hourly rate executive transfers. We have trained and seasoned chauffeurs available daily with over 5 years of experience at minimum along with random background checks and drugs testing.

You can count on us to be there for you as the best connection to have on the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit roadways and we hope to always be the company you call without any hesitation on a routine basis.

Call us. We know how to hand the road.

Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars


Ann Arbor Cab Services Blog Posts Business Travel DTW Airport Cab Service LIMO Music & Entertainment Special Event Limo Services Taxi Service The University of Michigan Washtenaw County

Must-See Summer Events in Ann Arbor, Michigan


The bustling university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan comes fully to life during the summer, with endless events, concerts, and fun-filled activities. If you’re in the area, grab your friends and family and head out to one of these local events for an entertaining and memorable summer:

Jaycees Annual Fourth of July Parade

This Independence Day, you can join the crowd for Jaycees 33rd Annual Fourth of July Parade. Opening at 8 am at the Briarwood Mall, food trucks and entertainment will be provided for you and your party to celebrate before the parade begins. It’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate their shared freedom with great music, food, and performances all through the night. 

2023 Ann Arbor Art Fair

Hosting the nation’s biggest art fair with nearly 1,000 participating artists, the Ann Arbor Art Fair is a must-see experience. Starting at 10 am, from Thursday, July 20th – Saturday, July 23rd, you can join in to view the 30-block exhibition set up on the downtown streets of Ann Arbor. Listen to live music and grab food from one of the surrounding vendors for a fulfilling journey throughout the endless displays. 

MTF Live Events & Concerts

There’s no better option to experience live performances than at the Michigan Theater Foundation. Throughout the entire summer, they host a variety of well-known and local artists, with events like concerts, musicals, comedy shows, and author interviews. Notable upcoming events at the venue include a show from internet personality and entertainer Miranda Sings on July 29th. Look for tickets, prices, and dates directly from the website and find the perfect must-see event for you. 

Ann Arbor Summer Fest @ Top of the Park

This awesome event is organized by an independent, non-profit organization and each year they present a world class show filled with music, food stands, cultural arts and entertainment and family oriented fun. You will find the entry is free for all but donations are accepted too. The live show will be available to see until June 25, 2023. Unfortunately, the event is 6 days shorter this year. Ann Arbor Summer Festival also has an annex series this year where you can enjoy the celebration off sight. This part of the festival includes a silent disco, T-shirt printing, Bob Ross painting with Ann Arbor District Library, Telescopes with the Detroit Observatory, Trivia and much more.

Enjoy Stylish Transportation for Every Event

You can get secure, safe, and stylish transportation to all of your summer events through our Ann Arbor Taxi & Limo Services. We’ll get you to and from any location and save you from the stress of navigating traffic on your own. To learn more and set up an arrangement, contact us today. 


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Ann Arbor Fare Ride Taxi is ready to get our wheels moving and take you anywhere you like today. Call: 734-845-9222


You can count on the pros to provide the best ride experience and get the job done right! Book your taxi or limo ride with Fare Ride today!

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Springtime in Michigan is Prom Limo Booking Season


Spring has sprung, and weddings, proms, and birthday parties are happening! Do you know what else is happening? The Hash Bash and the Ann Arbor Film Festival. If your loved one participates in one of these events, get them to their location in style! Booking a prom limo is a great way of ensuring they have a great time without worrying about directions, parking, and traffic snarls. A trained chauffeur knows just how to handle the driving to make your night go smoothly as possible.

Give the Gift of Comfort and Safety 

Whether they’re headed to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum, Gallup Park, the historic Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, or Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter, they’ll arrive in comfort. A spacious wedding limo is a hit with brides who don’t want to see their dresses get wrinkled – particularly when they’re headed to the highly-rated Ann Arbor City Club! They’ll have climate control, comfortable seats, and a smooth ride. 

Safety is another consideration. Prom limo drivers are experienced professionals. The company checks credentials and routinely trains them. If your high schooler does something they know they shouldn’t, you don’t have to worry about them getting behind the wheel. Similarly, if they’re stone-cold sober, you know they won’t get in a car with somebody with a few drinks under their belt. Also, don’t make your loved one dependent on a rideshare driver who may, or may not, show up.

A Limo is a Convenient Way for Everyone to Have Fun

Whether you need a graduation limo, airport limo, or concert limo, the limo driver picks your loved one up at the location you specify. They will take them directly to the front door of the venue they’re headed to. Most importantly, the driver will pick them up and return them home. You don’t have to be the designated parent driver who makes the prom outing weird. Let them enjoy some fun and independence on the big night-out.

The Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Car Service handles all aspects of safely transporting your loved one to their designated location and could also return them. Contact us today to book a limo!


Ann Arbor City Club – The Knot

Reservations can also be made by calling 1-734-845-9222

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Spots You Should Visit During the Springtime in Ann Arbor


Springtime is coming, and Ann Arbor, Michigan is quite beautiful this time of year. If you’re traveling to the area, there are plenty of exciting sites to see. Here are a few places to consider visiting this spring, in Ann Arbor:

Ray Fisher Stadium

One of the most popular sports in America is baseball, and it’s in season in the spring. If you’re ready to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines as they compete against other college teams, then visiting the Ray Fisher Stadium should be on your bucket list. The stadium has been renovated multiple times, but it’s open for the 2023 season! You can also take a ride to downtown Detroit, which is roughly 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, if you like the big leagues and catch the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on opening day!

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Located near the University of Michigan, the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum is home to public trails, a conservatory, and wildlife. It’s also a great place to reserve for a wedding. Since the weather gets better in the springtime, it’s the perfect time to visit this spot. There are lots of beautiful flowers to see, so if you’re ready to see Michigan in bloom, check out one of these spots.

Gallup Park

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to Gallup Park, which is a 69-acre park. With views of the Huron River at the park, it’s a beautiful site to see. You can walk on the pedestrian trails and bridges, exercise, go cycling, rollerblade, enjoy birdwatching or see the Geddes Pond, which is another beautiful attraction in the park. There are also playgrounds, picnic tables, grills, concession stands, a coffee shop, heated restrooms and free Wi-Fi at Gallup Park. Seasonal kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boat rentals are available too during warmer months. For nature lovers who are visiting Ann Arbor, Gallup Park is a must-visit.

There are so many things to do in Ann Arbor. As you plan your trip to the city, you’ve got to arrange transportation. Whether you need help getting to your hotel from the airport or returning to the airport on the way out of the city, Ann Arbor Fare Ride Taxi and Limo Service can fulfill your transportation needs. For more taxi and limo information, contact us.

Pickup and drop-off service at the State Theater in Ann Arbor.

Call 1-734-845-9222 for Ann Arbor taxi and limo services.

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Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars


Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars will pick you up from anywhere in the Wayne, Oakland, Livingston or Washtenaw County areas for your local and long-distance transportation needs, at budget-friendly rates.

Your safety is our number one priority. All our vehicles are checked and serviced on a regular basis to the highest standards, with the taxi drivers mandated to consistently demonstrate excellent and safe driving practices. You will not find a safer, more “reliable” taxi ride anywhere in the area. Also, when in need of an airport service for local, domestic or international flights opt for a comfortable taxicab or limousine ride with us. We service DTW airport and all Michigan airports with the best options available to reach your destination on time. 

Does your business need a regular cab or limousine service for your clients? Do you routinely use cabs to get back and forth to work, or to transport your kids to school? If so, consider making a private or corporate account with Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars. Count on us to provide you with Safe, On-Time-Service that you can rely on.

Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars is there when you need us 24 hours a day every day. To book a taxi, please call us at 734-845-9222 or complete the reservation form on our website here. You can select from a wide range of vehicle types in our fleet including Sedans, SUV’s, executive cars and stretch limos.

Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Cars – It’s business as usual

Call: 734-845-9222

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Have You Booked Your Valentine’s Day Ride Yet?


We provide both taxi style rides and luxury car and limo services.

Don’t wait for that special day to arrive and miss out on those unforgettable moments because there’s no rides available! Cover the bases with us today and make a deposit for limo or car services.

Ann Arbor Taxi & Airport Car Services
Ann Arbor Cab Services Blog Posts LIMO Washtenaw County Wedding Limo

Valentine’s Day Limo Service


Plan your special night out in a luxury car now before it’s too late. Securing your limo ride with a deposit is the best way to assure that you can keep Cupid busy on Valentine’s Day. Call 734-845-9222 to make reservations or request more details via our online contact form today!